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Focused on Public
Sector Employees

We advise our clients on life
insurance, income protection,
retirement planning, mortgages
nationwide. We have advisors all over the

Over 20 years’ experience in the Financial Sector

At PSF, we are focused on public sector employees, learning how to bring you the best financial services – from life insurance to income protection, retirement planning, mortgages and beyond. No-one understands the needs and finances of public servants like we do.

Public & Private Sector Finance Experts

PSF Public Sector Finance has expertise in advising members of the HSE and the teaching profession untangle their finances by creating a clear and transparent financial plan for their futures.

Financial Planning

We'll help you secure your financial future and show you ways to save today.


Whether you’re buying your first home, moving or investing – we make your mortgage application and home purchase as stress-free as possible.

Retirement Planning

We'll help you achieve the best possible retirement for you, by creating a plan to help you reach your goals.

Savings & Investments

As an independent financial planning firm our guiding investment ethos revolves around ensuring that our clients fully understand.


No one starts out knowing exactly what they'll need for their retirement years.

Expert advice & consultation services.

Work with us and see what we can offer you, contact us today for a no strings attached consultation.

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