Kenneth Hegarty, PSF

Kenneth Hegarty was appointed as a Commissioner for Oaths Roscommon on 16th November 2022 by Chief Justice Donal O’Donnell. A Commissioner for Oaths is a person who is authorised to verify affidavits, which are statements in writing and on oath, and other legal documents.

You may require the services of a Commissioner for Oaths if:

– You are giving evidence on affidavit for court proceedings in Ireland.

– You are making an affirmation, declaration, acknowledgment, examination or attestation for the purposes of court proceedings.

– You are making a declaration for the purposes of the transfer of property or registration of ownership.

Functions of a Commissioner for Oaths

Commissioner for Oaths have a number of functions. These are primarily:

– To make sure that the evidence in question is in written form (the draft affidavit).

– To establish that the person before him/her has read the draft affidavit and fully understands the contents.

– To establish the identity of the person signing the affidavit.

– To require the person to swear that the affidavit is true by raising the appropriate Testament in the right hand and repeating the words of the oath.

– To verify that the affidavit was properly sworn by completing a “jurat” on the affidavit.

– To charge an appropriate fee for the service.

– There is a small fee for the service.

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